September Forecast: Cleanse & Reset

How do we not only survive September, but thrive in September?

Wherever you’re at, it’s okay. In acknowledging where we stand, we have the power to see what is working and what isn’t, and to shift the energy. Crisis and survival have frayed the wires as we struggle with lethargy, apathy, and confusion. These energies slow things down and make it difficult to move forward, but courage and faith in your own certainty are your allies this month.

We must be willing to give up what is not working. There is a huge challenge in being honest with ourselves as we cleanse and reset our space in present time. The chasm between what we thought would be, and what is, looms large and can create pain in our space as we work to reconcile. We must acknowledge the things we’ve taken for granted and what brings us joy, validation, fulfillment, and nourishment. We must also give ourselves permission to let go.

Now is the time to live the change.

The patterns and predictable behavior we’ve worked off of previously are gone. The subsequent confusion, frustration, and grief can create a thick layer of earth to work through before our seeds can germinate and we can flourish in new growth.

There’s no road map in the void. But, there is an immense opportunity for creativity.

You will get through this. One foot in front of the other. It’s time to step back, observe where energy is flowing, and leverage that momentum. Knowing comes from the core, not from tripping over your own two feet and losing the forest to the trees.

Our next step this month is to embrace ecstatic union. There is more that unites us than separates us, and being willing to validate the commonalities in our humanity invites healing. Find the good, share in kindness, embrace authentic connections. Little acts of kindness have the potential to be hugely impactful during this time.