Aventurine & Amazonite Orgone

Amplify and restore. This beautiful handcast orgone features wrapped quartz, aventurine, amazonite, gold flake, brass shavings, and quartz crystal points.

Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and opportunity. Considered a lucky crystal, it can help you to manifest prosperity and release old patterns. Through releasing what no longer serves, you create space for new growth. Working with aventurine can also bring optimism, allowing you to move forward with confidence, creativity, and perseverance.

Amazonite is a stone of courage, empowering you to discover your own truth with integrity and to move past fear of judgement. A soothing stone, it can help you see different points of view and live in alignment with your beliefs. Working with amazonite supports your ability to set strong, clear boundaries on your path to spiritual freedom.

This orgone was inspired by Ix Chel in the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck. Ix Chel is the Mayan Moon Goddess of creativity, fertility, and healing medicine. Shel is, "the Soul of the Moon, weaving the colorful fabric of life. through her magic and knowledge. From her skirt flows the river of rainbows, as she is the mother of all plant life. She communes with Source through her lunar intuition and profound introspection."

10cm. Please note, this piece is handmade and contains some small bubbles.

Aventurine & Amazonite Orgone

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