Carnelian & Hematite Orgone

Amplify and restore. This beautiful handcast orgone features wrapped quartz, carnelian, hematite, copper, quartz points, and copper coated steel beads.

Carnelian is known as an artist's stone, stimulating creativity, boosting confidence, and restoring motivation through authentic expression. A stabilizing presence, working with carnelian can help you tap into your passion and empower you to trust in your ability to succeed. Carnelian can also stimulate sexuality, clarify perception, and dispel negativity as you invite joy and enthusiasm for life.

Hematite is a grounding stone, strengthening our connection with the earth and making us feel secure. Working with hematite can help you center and calm, stimulate concentration and focus, and provide stability.

This orgone was inspired by 4 of Fire in the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck. A symbol of the full cycle of completion, "this is the time to acknowledge and release what no longer serves you and let it ascend into Spirit. Address unfinished business and complete it now. Be willing to be empty so that the space is clear and open for new beginnings."

9cm. Please note, this piece is handmade and contains some small bubbles.

Carnelian & Hematite Orgone

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