Serenity Crystal Box

Find your serenity. This angelic crystal kit comes in two sizes. Large kits include: one celestite (200g - 536g), one selenite wand, one crack-your-own geode, one sage bundle, and four emerald calcites. Small kits include: one celestite (100 - 200g), one crack-your-own geode, and one sage bundle.

Celestite stems from the Latin word Caelertis, meaning "of the sky." This healing stone helps connect us to our inner guardian angels so we never have to weather the storm alone. A high-vibrational stone and teacher for the New Age, Celestite brings divine energy into the environment and stimulates spiritual development. It helps to maintain a harmonious atmosphere during times of stress, promotes trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine, and gently guides you towards love, light, and a peaceful state of awareness.

Selenite (satin spar) is associated with the crown chakra, representing spiritual connection and transformation, and the third eye, or your intuitive knowing. Work with this stone to clear unwanted energies from your space and to connect with your greater self. Simply take this wand and run it around you, imagining yourself clearing your aura of all that no longer serves.

We all need a little fun these days! This geode comes whole and ready for you to break on your own. A new surprise every time, you'll be the first to see the details of this harmonious stone.

Burning sage, also known as smudging, can be done to clear foreign energy and purify a space. Before your practice, set an intention. What do you want to release? Once you're ready, light the sage and slowly walk around your space, allowing the smoke to waft around as it releases through open doors and windows. Once you've cleared your space, it's time to fill back in with yourself! Invite scents, sounds, and activities that bring you joy.

Emerald Calcite is a powerful heart stone, here to help you calm and rejuvenate. Simply hold and take deep, calm breaths as you release your worries and stress. Working with this stone can help provide insight as to where you need to focus your emotions and strengthen your connection to the god of your heart.

We're proud to source our celestite, selenite, and calcite from Wegner Quartz Crystal Mines, a green business that prioritizes sustainability and personal relationships with their international partners.

Serenity Crystal Box

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