Anchor change into the physical realm.


Tiger eye is a protective stone, leveraging a combination of earth and sun elements to both ground and inspire. This high vibrational stone facilitates assertion, courage, and integrity. Brave and fierce, tiger eye can help differentiate between wishful thinking and what is truly needed, support the correct application of power, and recognize talents and faults to be overcome. It can also be helpful for people who are spaced out or uncommitted, and assists in accomplishing goals. Roman soldiers are said to have worn an engraved tiger’s eye when they went to battle for strength and protection.


These handcrafted bracelets are paired with lava stones and your choice of essential oil. Lava stones are a type of pumice and incredibly porous. Apply three to four drops of the desired oil to the stones and enjoy as the oil slowly evaporates.

Tiger Eye Aromatherapy Bracelet