Our Values

Together, we reverberate. Like a ripple, our actions influence and are influenced by the world around us.

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Fossil fuel derived epoxy resin? Not here! We use EcoPoxy, a bio-based resin made from renewable resources. 

We Reverberate is proud to source crystals from Wegner Crystal Mines, a green business that prioritizes sustainable business practices.

Bead Shopping | Egypt
Ace of Diamonds Mine | NY
Bead Shopping | Egypt
Revreya & Kathy Diamond Hunting | Herkimer, NY
White Sand and Stone

5% of Profits

Every time you make a purchase,
5% of profits are donated to Bay Area and environmental non-profits vetted by Charity Navigator. 

Colorful Crystal


Mysterious global supply chain?

Meet transparency.

Healing crystals are often mined in deadly conditions in the worlds poorest countries. It's a billion-dollar industry with little incentive to change. Hazardous working conditions can include child labor, landslides, fine dust exposures that cause lung cancer and silicosis, and more.


There's a lot of work to be done and we're certainly not perfect, but we're committed to asking hard questions about mining and factory conditions, cutting questionable crystals and suppliers from our supply chain, playing detective, learning, and sharing more with you, our customers, at every turn.